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  1. The Board
    I'm trying to figure out a jumbled mess of panstuff that's titled as a '56FLH (good numbers and title, to avoid THAT can o worms). I've got these two case halves (24563-53, date coded 3-3, no revision letter on casting) and 24541-55) that fit together rather well at the parting line: These...
  2. The Board
    ive got cases that have an H on both left and right side cases behind the rear cylinder above the rear engine mounts. ive heard of hells henchmen stamping their cases but the H's are normally next to each other. also heard of house of horsepower stamping their cases with H H. just wondering if...
  3. Parts For Sale
    CityindianapolisStateINPrice$300need $$ quick. shop ready 2008 ultima 4.25 " big bore evolotion cases for HD with MOS. first $300 in my hand takes them. no low ballers since they are priced to sell fast. shipping will be on your dime. contact me thru here or text me 317-945-8079
  4. The Board
    Hey Guys i have triumph engine cases, and having some trouble finding what they are the numbers on the cases are T83578 only thing i could find on this cases was 1947 speed twin 500 but dont know. never saw a case with just T and the number help me please thanks i will post some pics!!
  5. New? Introduce yourself here!
    Hey guys, from Greensburg Indiana
  6. The Board
    Mods, shit can this post if this is inappropriate for the forum or discussed elsewhere. I can't find it! I have an unusual uh.. hypothetical situation.. Say you have acquired a historic paper title for a Harley-Davidson 1941 FL. You went to the local DMV and got it transferred into your name...
1-6 of 7 Results