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  1. The Board
    Hi, guys. Last year I built my first Triumph, but I'm not happy about the way she rides. She starts easily but she lacks torque and top speed. I think some of the problems can be related to carburetor adjustments or perhaps I have the wrong carburetor? The amal concentric is brand new and so...
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    CityRichmondStateVAPrice$500A nice clean S&S MGL Carb with the accelerator pump mod. Bowl is clean and corrosion free but is drilled so you can insert a fitting (or plug it if you dont want to use the pump) to provide fuel to the accelerator pump that is attached with brackets to the bottom of...
  3. Parts For Sale
    CitySTLStateMoPrice125In STL $125 you pay shipping. Paypal Please
  4. The Board
    I'm now stumped by my kick only 73 Sporty's inability to start. This problem has come on abruptly, not a history here. It will VERY occasionally pop a couple times but no ignintion. Here's what I've checked so far- keep in mind this is my first go at really repairing her myself. -Checked...
  5. The Board
    My bike (1964 BSA) ran fine when I parked it several months ago... Now it wont start. Replaced the plugs, sprayed some carb cleaner in it, then a little starting fluid... it fires up for a second or two but then quickly dies... What do I do next? Keeping spraying the starter fluid & keep...
  6. The Board
    I have a S&S teardrop carburetor. The lever that you move to allow air intake(choke) needs to sit about half way down in order to idle at its correct level when riding. It was been working great and always seemed a little tight when you moved it but after today it wont sit center and feels loose...
1-6 of 8 Results