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  1. The Board
    Hey all, I'm currently building a 70 XLCH chopper, I imported the bike into Australia from the US in parts. I bought it already as a hardtail, it's an earlier short frame with an unknown weld on hardtail. I'm trying to get the rear wheel set up and brake working correctly, chain aligned before...
  2. The Board
    Mounted up my front wheel yesterday after rebuilding the brake. It spins freely and the drum brake is working... BUT i cannot get it centered between the forks. To me it looks like its gotta move maybe 1/8-1/4 inch over (towards the brake side) to be dead center of the forks. I just am not...
  3. The Board
    I installed a bob newby belt drive system on my 67 triumph TR6. The issues I am having is the hole where the chain tensioner abutment use to be installed now leaks oil. I tried driving out the abutment from the old chain-tensioner and reinserting it back into the hole in the primary, but it wont...
  4. The Board
    Anyone recognize this brake pad? Its from a sprotor and the only remaining marks are 501 platinum. Looks like Ferodo, but I can't find a match on their site.
  5. Parts For Sale
    CityMilwaukeeStateWiPrice$100I've got a front PM brake caliper and a rear GMA disc caliper. both come with mounting brackets. front brake has a little pitting on the chrome. $100 per brake or $180 for both.
  6. The Board
    I've been leaning towards using drum brakes on my shovel build. I purchased some aftermarket rims originally planning on running single disc front and rear. I've seen some drum brake kits selling online and was wondering if anyone had any info or experiences with them. Do they work well (as well...
1-7 of 12 Results