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  1. New? Introduce yourself here!
    Howdy All. From Northern California where my wife and I build custom BMW mototcycles. Been thinking about an Ironhead Sportster for a long time and found this place. Here is a few of the bikes we have built: and built this one for Naked Speed on the Velocity Channel Love the thought...
  2. The Board
    So, I have a line on this R100s (I think), and since all I work on is vintage Triumphs, know little to nothing about this beast. It supposedly has a title, but I have not seen it yet, so not sure of the exact year. I checked it over a bit today. The owner is going to charge the battery so I can...
  3. Parts For Sale
    CityCentralStateNJPrice$50I bought this a few years ago to build an Ultralight engine. ULs proved too expensive for my blood. I never really unwrapped it from the shipping material, but I think it has the crank and valve push rods. I'm in Central NJ so if you want it shipped, you pay actual...
  4. The Board
    I recently built a new sub frame for my r100, my question is: after finishing and painting aforementioned subframe and bolting it back into its respective place, my rear shocks are dead. they compress down with some weight and dont want to return to the upper extended position. why is this? are...
1-4 of 4 Results