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  1. The Board
    " I build my engines and balance my crankshafts. I redesign, rebuild and flow the cylinder heads in my own workshop and tune all my engines by myself. Basically no one knows my balance factors, cams, cam timing, ignition timing, fuel types (in the fuel class) tolerances, clearances, specs, flow...
  2. The Board
    We did well and achieved an official run of 113.275 MPH. It took me 10-12 weeks to finish this lsr bike, this is the reason i couldnt post updates for my "Redesigning The 1956 Triumph" project. The frame is stock i only moved the foot pegs to the rear a bit, an original pre war girder front...
  3. The Board
    This time i am going to document the whole build, and i will post as much as i can. Previously i posted a rigid sportster here on the jj This build will contain mostly classic/vintage parts or handmade components. here it is...
1-3 of 3 Results