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  1. The Board
    Just buttoned up a 1950, 1951, 1955, 1963, Panhead basket case. You know the kind. I'm running a 4 speed ratchet top with a chain primary. When I try and kick it over it often feels as though it's binding in the kicker. It will turn the engine over if I can push through it, but it's giving my...
  2. Wanted
    I need a ratchet top for my shovelhead. One I found locally ended up being junk besides cases, and my cowpie mainshaft broke off with the clutch hub nut. Unfortunatley I don't have the skillset to repair these myself and have it be worth it, so I'm looking to buy one in working order. I need it...
  3. The Board
    I've been struggling with a 4 speed clutch on my shovel for a while now. I've pulled the clutch pack numerous times to clean and rough the fiber plates, I've switched the bearing rollers to long rollers (cuz I'm running a belt), and I've adjusted the clutch like a thousand times. :mad: Still it...
  4. The Board
    I've got a 1980 rigid shovel with a '79 4 speed ratchet top and currently having trouble with getting into first. It seems like the clutch isn't fully engaging or something because it doesn't want to shift into first. It kind of grinds and then clunks into first, but all the other gears shift...
  5. Parts For Sale
    CityNewburghStateNYPrice1,000OE earless 4. Shifted just fine the little i used it. have kicker end cover and gear too that i'll include. don't have a puller, so the clutch hub, basket and good used plates come with it. PLEASE EMAIL with interest / offers. thanks, andy [email protected]
  6. Wanted
    need parts or complete trans w/reverse 1978 down.(knuck, pan, shovel) Thanks PM with price!
  7. Wanted
    gonna give this 1 more Internet post then every biker I know is gettin a phone call _) still looking for a good 4 speed trans(11.73 mainshaft length, 37-63) I will be mating to a Harley (panhead) lookin for something ready to run, I'm ready to buy or a good deal on a mainshaft/gearset/clean...
1-7 of 7 Results