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Default Modifying a s&s MGL

Got a terrible annoying problem with my carb an "L" mg type.
Runs well at high at hi and low revs but around 3000 it runs like shit.
Will a Thunderjet smooth it out and if so where to mount it.
Remember that it´s a conventional choke-style carb.
Any input is welcome.
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Default Re: Modifying a s&s MGL

Hi Stomper,

Before you start moding this beautiful old carb, check your transition holes, 3 or 4, inside top of carb, betwenn iddle screw and butterfly, are not gunged up... Don't clean with a drill, use stiff britthle from a brush.

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Default Re: Modifying a s&s MGL

Here is a GAL I have w/a ThunderJet. I have seen others with them; they were all placed in this position.

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Default Re: Modifying a s&s MGL

Your problem might be in the exhaust area. If your pipes are too big it could cause mid range studders.
thunderjets can help this problem. But on the L carbs there isnt much room for the thunderjet tubes because of the choke flap.
You could cut a notch in the choke flap, or just do away with the choke flap and use the ol trusty "hand over the velocity stak".

hers one with 2. YEAH!!!!!! I had a redneck with a crossbones ask me "what kinda fuel injections is goin on there?"

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