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Default Tech week #2- spoke wheels

First let me admit I quit running spokes about a year ago after I picked up some '77 FLH 12 spoke mags for free. But when I did run 'em, I learned a couple things. Secondly, I have a 90 mile round trip every day, and can pretty much ride year round so I get a little more mileage than most. If you're planning a build some of this might help you.

1. Tubeless spokes don't work. They will fail if you ride hard. Does'nt matter from what manufacturer, although American Wire lasted the longest. I have had luck using industrial silicone on the nipple before putting on the rim strip, but this is more so you can patch a tire temporarily even though the tube gets flat, if that makes sense, I would never run w/o a tube.

2. If you run a 150 vice a 130 on the rear, WHEN you have a flat, a 150 will cover the edge of the rim, whereas a 130 won't, and you will ride on a flat at some point in your career at least some distance. Might as well protect the wheel.

3. Broken spokes aren't the end of the world on a ride. Let a little air out of the tire, loosen(1/4" box wrench will work) the broke one, and gently push the nipple into the tube until you can get the spoke free, then its a angle game to remove from the wheel. Its not possible on all wheels. Insert new spoke, and again gently push in the nipple and tighten.

4. Don't go cheap on tires, and know the speed ratings. I see a lot of guys running cheap "retro" tires and riding past the level of perfromance of that rubber. We've had at least one fatality in this area from it. Looking cool ain't worth it.

Again this may be common knowledge for most but it might help out someone.
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Default Re: Tech week #2- spoke wheels

Thanks, from a new rider.
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