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Default rear chain eatin' away on my inner primary


I ride a pretty stock 1980 FLH which has been lowered front and rear two full inches.
Since no starter stuff is mounted I have no issues with the rear chain hitting anything.
Having kneeproblems now I want to put all that starterstuff back on.

Is there a way to prevent the chain hitting the innerprimary and startergear housing?

Is a rear chain tensioner the only option?

I see plenty of pics on the net with flh's with a round panheadfork mounted that have the starter bolted on.
Is there a trick to it?


the bike.
As you can see its pretty low.

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Default Re: rear chain eatin' away on my inner primary

the only fix I know of is a smaller finale drive sprocket but ya gotta swap out both the tranny and wheel sprockets or your gona loose your top end. Even with this, it may still hit.

If you do go with a tensioner, remember the top of the chain is the pull side, what ever you put on it is going to have to be able to withstand the torque and were talking about a lot of torque.

I've never played around with it but have wondered if a EVO primary wouldn't work. I know the starter/solenoid placement is different and may interfere with the stock oil tank/battery placement but, I wonder if it couldn't be done?
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Default Re: rear chain eatin' away on my inner primary

I had the same problem on my 75. I was running a 24 tooth sprocket and an O ring chain. Went back to a stock size (21 tooth) sprocket and had no more problems.
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