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Default Ram Jett solid intake "code letter" for Sportster question.

Much love for my "E" stamped Ram Jetts (fits Super E on Evo big twins) but I don't know any of their other markings. Stamping is on the VOES boss so when someone drills and taps that the letter is obliterated. When I find one for a Sportster I'll take comparative flange measurements and post them.

I want one for my Evo Sporty but even my excellent internet-fu yields no joy. Does anyone have info on what letter fits Sportsters? I've only seen "E" (Super B and E flange mount) and "1" (flange mount, use unknown) though I know they were last made with a CV spigot before going out of production (because they're more fiddly to install than slapping in a stocker and benefit from a customized 12pt wrench). Too bad because they have zero functional downsides and do not need a carb brace. I hung a B then an E off the '88 big twin in the pic since the bike was new. If it fit my S&S 124 one would be on that, too.

Pic is my FXR engine hanging by the manifold.

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