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Default Re: "Atomic Device" Portuguese Project...

Originally Posted by Akeemking View Post
Dont understand why!?
The "Suicide" on my bike comes from "suicide shift"... "Atomic" comes out of "Atomic tattoo studio" from the bikes owner.
I'm not as much of a jerk as I sound like on the Internets. Don't take what I say too seriously.

But regarding the names, I can better explain why the names are a little awkward.

"Suicide Bomber" -- regardless of one's politics, the sad fact is that the US is currently at war, and one of the main weapons used against us and our allies is the suicide bomber. So it really doesn't matter that there are other references at work in the name: many people might reasonably associate the name with radical religious extremist weapons. Sad fact.

"Atomic Device" -- Because you a newer member, you might not be familiar with Trent and his shop, Atomic Custom. He's well represented here, and while one might debate whether he can monopolize the use of the word "atomic", the reference is there. There's nothing inherently wrong with the name, except the coincidence. I understand why you are using it. Trent didn't need to point out that the bike wasn't from his shop: anyone familiar with his work would know.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Keep on truckin', and other euphemisms ...

Don Haring, Jr.
Creamery, PA
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