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Default VL fork question posted for flatman. "calling on Von Wegener "

Apparently his computer barfed when posting here so I'm posting in his behalf.

You had some info on bearing numbers to switch to a VL front end. Some of the bearing numbers you listed are not available. I did not write those numbers down and now may have a resource to get them. Could you please provide all the numbers (maybe even the 1 inch specs) for this conversion. They were all tapered timkins. Memory has L4555? but cant remember. Might have even been on another forum. Thanks!
I used to be on there but every time I cleaned up my computer it kicked me out and I had to resign up. So I gave up This info may not be correct going over some old notes. Timkin L44643 is the one for 1 inch stems BT cups. L44649 fits the BT neck cups but the id is 1 1/16 so you would have to bore or pin hone 1/16th out of the ID I think L44459 is the one that fits BT neck cups but has the 1 1/8th id for VL or Indian. I think this is the one that is not available but not sure. If it is the one I emailed Timkin themselves and they know nothing about it. May be someone from the other site could get the info and get it over here? thanks
OK the bearing fitting a VL 1 1/8 stem and also fits the big twin normal neckcup is.........Timkin L44459 but I think it is NLA

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Default Re: VL fork question posted for flatman. "calling on Von Wegener "

He is correct on the part numbers. L44610 is the race that fits the Harley neck cup. It is standard on all big twins since 1949. The L44459 would fit the VL 1-1/8" stem and matches the race in taper.
It used to be so easy to find bearing but now that the cheap chinese bearings are flooding the market the internet is full of useless links. By the time I would get to the info I'm looking for I am usually so fed up with all the crap they make me wade through. I had good luck finding unusual Timken numbers on Amazon and ebay and there are wholesale bearing houses that sell NOS eastern block bearings. Should not be to hard to find a couple of L44459 bearings.
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