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Default Chopper battery

I have a 71 shovel head kick only bike. I had a Big Boar Custom Fit Battery for it because that was the smallest battery I could find. Its a new year and the battery is old its time for a new one. I wanted to know if I could save some money and go with another battery because the bike is Kick Only. I was looking at a Yuasa YTX9-BS would it matter is it only has 120 CCA? What battery are you guys using? Money it tight so I am looking to save a buck and finish this bike. Thanks

Big Boar BB350
Amps: 200 CCA
Height: 5-1/8″
Length: 6″
Width: 3-1/4″

Yuasa Battery
120 Cold Cranking Amps, Top Post,
6.00 in. Length,
3.437 in. Width,
4.187 in. Height
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Default Re: Chopper battery

My Shovelhead is kick only my battery would've been 7 years old this year. It was a Yuasa ytz 7s. I replaced it with a sealed battery from NAPA , same size battery except it wasn't sealed at the factory, for 1/4 the price.
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Default Re: Chopper battery

Capacitor is much like a small battery
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Default Re: Chopper battery

I use a scooter battery one one of my kick-only Shovels. Works fine.

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Default Re: Chopper battery

My missus has an XS650 that she will choke every Third light or so an buttom start it every time... the 6 cell Balistic battery seems to be taking it well third season now.
They are small, light and costly.

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Default Re: Chopper battery

I've been riding various kick-only shovels since the '70s, and I've used all different kinds of smaller batteries in them. It really doesn't take much battery power to light the fire and get them running. I think it's more important, especially with some of the smaller batteries, to make sure your battery matches up well with your charging system and whatever other electrical load (usually just lights and maybe a horn?) you might have. I'd say the battery size you mention (Yuasa YTX9-BS), should do the job with no problem. That is a pretty healthy battery compared to some of the anemic ones I've run!
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