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Default trumpy speedo shimmer

Took my 66 t-bird for rego today.
They failed it on a couple of small things that iv'e fixed.

Except the speedo needle "flutters".
The inner cable was frayed so i replaced the whole cable.
I ran the speedo on a drill & it seems fine.
I connected the tacho onto the speedo drive & thats seems fine.
The needle still flutters below 40mph.
The speedo etc is all standard.

So, is this "fluttering" normal or am i missing something ??
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Default Re: trumpy speedo shimmer

Smiths clock? Although they may work fine on the bench, I've never seen one yet that doesn't leap about all over the spot from engine/road vibes.

On my mates T140 he always say's he was "doing between 60 and 90mph at between 3000 and 5500 rpm". Any more precise than that is just a guess!
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