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Default Newbies intro

Hello Everyone, just want to start out by say Thank you for letting me into you group! As was recommended at registration, I am in the process of building a ‘71 Triumph Bonneville Chopper. It has a weld on hardtail. The frame is still in my buddies jig. The dimensions should come out around 4” up 6”out with 4 of the 6” stretch in the hardtail. The reason I sound a little wishy washy on the final dimensions is I still am looking for the front wheel and springer so we haven’t finished welded anything in case changes needed to fix the Trail . Wow that was
5 minutes of your lives you won’t get back. Anyways hope you all are doing good and thanks again Mark
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Default Re: Newbies intro

Howdy and welcome. A 6" stretch isn't my particular cup of tea, but that doesn't matter because your '71 is not my damn bike, so to hell with me and what I think.

I've run '71 engines in two of my bikes. One was my alltime favorite Triumph, and the other one might have been a close second if not for the sad fact that the excellent '71 engine was encumbered by a '71 frame and running gear.
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