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Default 1984 evo heads and studs

I picked up a 1984 Roadglide,she has 22,000 miles on her!
She’s been sitting for 12 years in a garage and it’s leaking oil from the base gaskets and head gaskets!
I’m going to go through the engine and freshen it up.
It has the female studs and male head bolts with the large washers!
I really don’t want to reuse the old studs and head bolts,has anyone ever used later model studs and head bolts and machined out the heads to use the later head bolts?
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Default Re: 1984 evo heads and studs

If it ain't broke....
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Default Re: 1984 evo heads and studs

They bolts are not going to fall apart from old age. The aftermarket pigtail kits reduce base gasket seepage but I wouldn't lift a jug just to install one. It's best done when a top end job is in progress.

At 22K miles there should be nothing to freshen up. Those engines routinely go 100K before needing top end work as my '88 did, and even then it wasn't urgent. I'd clean it off and ride the thing a while. If you want oil tight engines they sell Hondas for that. If a gasket actually spits free or the leaking is more than misting I'd take action.

I would ensure the carb accelerator pump cover has the check ball, align the squirter so it squirts at the center of the carb bore (they're pressed in, I turn them with a small crescent wrench), and they benefit for drilling the low speed jet one number drill size larger than the shank (never measure with flutes) of the largest bit which fits. 60 thru 80 bit kits are less than ten bucks online.

I'd change all fluids including brake fluid, inspect everything carefully, install fresh tires and ride the thing.
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Default Re: 1984 evo heads and studs

its a can of worms to pull the studs and its an interference thread and will distort the block threads if you do that

cometic gaskets are your friend in this MLS head gaskets and tin base - if it has only one cut out on the top of the pistons for valve reliefs - replace them the cam shaft as its a dud - all newer pistons have 2 valve reliefs and they are directional to install plus the book is incorrect on piston to wall you want .003 not .0009 to .0012
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