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Default harmony NJ AMCA national june 26 / 27 - 2020

the harmony event in north west jersey is coming back and as a AMCA national event june 26 and 27 of 2020 gates open early -

offered is 180 vender spots in 4 areas 20 X 30 for 50 bucks each for both days Friday and Saturday national event sell out early just so you know - and we ask only antique parts and bikes - some don't understand this unfortunately - with e mail contact I can send info about who to contact to reserve spots -

national judging / antique bike display and a variety of activities will be happening

alpha new jersey is a big local town with all the conveniences if you need and its no more then 10 minuets away from the fair grounds easy to and from - local to rt 78 and rt 22 as well as rt 57 all just couple minuets away

thanks - john Zanetti colonial chapter member
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Default Re: harmony NJ AMCA national june 26 / 27 - 2020

I'll see you all there... stop by and steal a few beers.
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