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Default Cone Shovelhead Numbers

Looking at a 1972 FX; numbers on title match the motor and number on the frame neck. The first star is a little bit off the VIN pad. Was that a common occurance? I can provide a pic if anyone can help. Thanks in advance!
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Default Re: Cone Shovelhead Numbers

A picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t sound out of line.
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Default Re: Cone Shovelhead Numbers

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Default Re: Cone Shovelhead Numbers

2C is the correct VIN for a Super Glide, I believe.

9 digits is correct. Motor matching frame is correct for that year. H2 is consistent with 1972.

I have seen some bikes as late as 72 without that square VIN pad; most 71s I have seen (and some 72s) have a long, skinny pad on the head tube.

The star looks fine to me. Something looks a little off, though. I think that should have the Posident characters. The "H" looks too normal to me and the "2" should have a more pronounced curlicue serif...I think. If it is a numbers job, it ain't a bad one. Unless I had reason to believe it was shitty numbers, I'd probably buy and run that. YMMV.

Eric (Speeding Big Twin) hopefully will get eyes on this. This is later than he usually gets into, I think, but I bet what he's forgotten trumps what most of us ever knew.
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Default Re: Cone Shovelhead Numbers

1970 and up have the newer weird slanted hard angled numbers, and the boss looks too low(shaved) to me. Notice the circle around the star, that's not right either.
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Default Re: Cone Shovelhead Numbers

to me it has AMFs finger prints all over it - they were in the mix of quality issues right out of the box - I have also seen what looks like a well the numbers were stamped in on a one owner machine
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Default Re: Cone Shovelhead Numbers

The first star being a bit off the VIN pad is not a concern. However, the middle of the bottom edge of the VIN boss does not appear to stand proud of the rest of the forging. Instead it looks flush. Can you please confirm if this is so.

I don’t think the circle around the second star is a problem. But the 0 looks rounded and is not consistent with factory stamping for a 72 Shovel. Normally I’d expect the 0 to be oblong in shape.
Also notice the horizontal stroke of the 4s. They appear to go further beyond the vertical strokes than I’d expect.
Can you post a photo of the engine VIN so we can compare its 0 and 4s. If the engine VIN is authentic it may also help regarding comparison of some other characters.

To the left of the top of the VIN there appears to be a chrome plug in the boss on the frame? I wouldn’t expect that boss to be drilled as original for a 72 frame but some people drill the boss for one reason or another. Does the seller know if the hole is original?
One side of the steering head may have forging number 47591-35A. The other side may have forging hallmark DIF and a die number. What is the die number?
Has the frame got an ID sticker on the front downtube?
Can you post photos of both the lower rear forgings.

What are the belly numbers? Photos?
Are any characters stamped on top of the cases near the rear engine mounting bolts? Photos?
Does the left crankcase have a serial number boss?
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