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Question Trying to get lucky in kentucky

Greetings everyone!! I'm new to all of this, but I feel like this is an awesome utility to get my facts straight. I recently embarked on a journey that has led me to an incredible machine. A 750 Bonneville. My current bike is a 76 t-140 with the oil in frame. If I could, I would like direction on a couple key areas of concern. The bike has a mighty max on it with points. I'm getting some popping when the bike is idling, and when in motion. Could be my plugs, could be the battery, (which is pulling all 12 when it's on) or the points may be pitted. I haven't looked in to check on those, because I'm in between several electronic ignition systems. Also, the stator could be an issue as well. Just cleaned the Amal 930's, and charged the battery for a week. It started 2nd kick but the headlight wasn't on... Took her down the street and it gurgled and came to a stop... Which I'm sure something ripped all the power from the battery. I'm young, and sortof dumb. But I love and respect the heritage of Triumph motorcycles, and will try my best to always stay on the road! ANYTHING HELPS!! Thank you!
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Default Re: Trying to get lucky in kentucky

welcome to the board ..sounds like yr on the right track,,
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Default Re: Trying to get lucky in kentucky

Hey Kid,

Having done an intro, you might have more response if you now take your question over to the main board.

That being said, a fully charged battery should read about 12.5 volts with the bike turned off, and about 13.4-14 volts with the bike running and the RPMs about 2000-
2500. I'd start with the battery, throw an overnight trickle charge on it, no more that 1 amp on the charger. Then take it to someone who can load test it. If it's good, and your VOM doesn't show you that 13.5-14v at rpm, they you have a charging problem.
I'm sure someone will instruct you in how to check the alternator output, when you get to that point, so you'll know whether it's the stator or the mity-max. Although, just because one of those is bad, doesn't mean the other isn't too. Sometimes a bad stator will take out whatever regulates it, sometimes a bad regulator will take out both the stator and the battery.

Good luck with it, and welcome to the board.
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Default Re: Trying to get lucky in kentucky

77 FXE
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bonneville, ignition, points, t-140, triumph

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