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Default Norton Clutch Pushrod: O-ring seal?

Hi, all-

Bottom line up front: Can an o-ring on a grooved pushrod be an effective oil seal on a Norton, to keep oil from traveling into the primary?


Got a situation where an aftermarket belt drive and clutch has resulted in minimal clearance between the mainshaft and the pressure plate on a Norton Atlas engine.

I have fixed it (slightly shortened mainshaft, slightly relieved clutch pressure plate), but there's an oil migration issue along the pushrod tunnel into the now-dry primary. (2-piece pushrod with ball bearing already installed.)

I purchased the "dynodave" clutch seal nut, but when installed, it takes up lots of the space I created between the pressure plate and mainshaft. I'm going to add a steel plate to the clutch stack to space it back out, but the manufacturer recommended simply going to a machined groove on the pushrod itself with an o-ring; wanted to see if anyone has experience with this. Seems like if it worked for general use, people wouldn't be using the dynodave seals...

(atlas variant picture here...the extended clutch nut takes the seal holder via internal threads, which slips over the unthreaded mainshaft end and holds an o-ring in place against the end of the mainshaft.)

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