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Default slipping kicker ratchet top

whats up guys, here i go again with a most likely noob question again. i have got an intermittent stripped/slipping spot in the kick on my bike. every now and then when im trying to kick it through it starts with a grab of the teeth and part way down BAM! its gone and stomp the know the drill. i pulled the cover off thinking it was going to be something about the gears in there, but they all look just fine to me, so i can only venture i guess that i might be going inside the main case and working on that then???
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Default Re: slipping kicker ratchet top

do a search, I had a similar problem buut slipping constantly towards bottom of swing about the 7-8 o'clock position, seems it was the worn main shaft starter gear teeth. the wear wasn't really that appreciable until compared with a new one.

now, fitting an aftermarket one and getting it to mesh correctly with the kicker starter gear is another balls ache, luckily sorted with some guidance from JJ feedback.
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