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Default Re: Left twist drill bits?

Originally Posted by Tony the torch View Post
it is Pam, and Pam works great as an anti-splatter spray
I just tried Pam a couple of days ago on my welding table. All those little itty bitty splatter balls just roll away. Clean up with a paper towel. I sprayed the inside of my MiG nozzle and had the same effect. Just remember to keep that can of Pam FAR AWAY from where you're welding. Boom!
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Default Re: Left twist drill bits?

I bought some left hand drill bits at harbor freight,they were not expensive,I have been using them at work and they hold up well,I think a 13 pc set was like 19 bucks.Drill slow and use a small amount of oil to cool,once the bit catches a good piece of carbon,the broken bolt most times spins right out of the hole.Also you can heat it slightly and melt a candle over the broken stud,the fat from the candle gets into the threads and helps to loosen it
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Tony the torch
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Default Re: Left twist drill bits?

Pam also works great for all your Christmas cookies...they just slide right off the cookie pan.

....oh !....wrong forum
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Mike Britton
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Default Re: Left twist drill bits?

^^^^^ Don't ya just love the JJ ??
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