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Default Howdy from Hooterville!

OK, not Hooterville (old TV reference) but Fort Atkinson, WI, USA.
Little town - middle of nowhere but it's home.

I've been working on my own bikes for decades but I believe there's no such thing as too much knowledge so I'm here to share & learn. I'm winding down on a restoration of an 83 XS650 Special for my wife and am now right at the start of a 77 XS650 retro-build for me. I plan on making a 1930s style street hardtail with awkwardly oversized fenders, a headlight that looks like it sits just a little too high on the forks and other features that seem out of place on a modern bike. That's the point though, I want the reliability of the XS650 in a bike that looks 50~75 years old.

I see a lot of 50s retro bobbers and 60s style choppers and a few early 20th Century board track types around, but it seems like a lot of builders just skip the whole 1929 to 1947 era of bikes in custom builds. That's my favorite era of bikes so we'll see how close I get to hitting that nail on the head.

Looking forward to joining in!

- JJ
* not JJ as in Jockey Journal, JJ as in Jeffrey-Joe (my actual name)
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