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brian meister
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Default Triumph 650 Pushrod tubes

Have a question about push rod tubes..I'm trying to get a 71 back together to sell. The original head had poorly done helicoils in the plug holes, so I got a replacement (9 bolt), but the 71 push rod tubes appear too long. Both being 9 bolts, I am under the impression that there are 2 options, long and short tubes (short '63-68, long 69-72) Correct? Push rods the same for both? Thanks.
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Default Re: Triumph 650 Pushrod tubes

AFAIK the lengths where the same its just the later added an internal O ring for better sealing but it could be that the head has been skimmed other than that i presume you cant fit the rubber and fiber bottom/top seals?
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Default Re: Triumph 650 Pushrod tubes

can't remember off the top of my head but you are looking for approx' 0.040" (?) gap between head and gasket when all just sitting and waiting for head bolts to be torqued down.
Yes there are different square sectioned tube rings and thickness head gaskets.
The answers are all here on JJ search Mr Pete , Tony the Torch and Wes White (four aces wes ?) try to get hold of Wes' motor build dvd he probably gives the answer there.
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Default Re: Triumph 650 Pushrod tubes

Pushrod are the same but there are different tubes...Check the pushrod seat machined in the head,it's the depth of the hole is different on the various years..
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Default Re: Triumph 650 Pushrod tubes

Take a look at this link to see what push rod tubes and (just as important) seals were used in the different years:
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