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Default 1972 Triumph 650 frame questions

Im going to go buy a 1972 triumph 650 frame and I want to build a bobber but I dont know a whole lot about these frames. Is this a good year to use? Does it matter what model bike it is or did all the bikes in 72 from Triumph use the same frame. And pros or cons about this frame? And anyway to check if it is indeed a 650? Please help. Its a great deal on this bike and I want to order the rigid rear ASAP!!

Brian douglas wrote me and told me the oil in frame is not what Im looking for, that I should get a pre 70's frame? Why is this frame not what I am looking for?

I attached a pic of what I am trying to accomplish!
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Default Re: 1972 Triumph 650 frame questions

It would be a ok frame, except to make it a hardtail you will need to weld one on. 70's and earlier you could just bolt the hard tail section on. As for the 650 750 question I am a little unsure, but I think most were 650 and I think that was the first year of the 5 speed. Maybe someone could confirm. Hope this helps a little.
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Smile Re: 1972 Triumph 650 frame questions

The 1970 and older models utilize a bolt-on hard tail, the frame is dry. The 71 and up use backbone that holds the oil and the few kits that are out there are weld on. Big question is do you have a title for the frame? By the way you will probably catch some sh**t here about the red wheels
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Default Re: 1972 Triumph 650 frame questions

The bike in your pic is a pre unit, so you would need a pre unit frame. Probably early fifties looking at the pic.
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Default Re: 1972 Triumph 650 frame questions

For the bike in the picture you want a pre-unit. You can get a similar look out of a pre 71 unit, but you won't get that look out of a 72 oif. They are set up differently. As said earlier, oifs require a hardtail being welded on.
I am a big fan of oifs, but they are a different look. The 72 is one of the best ever made, and annoyingly what you are wanting to buy is exactly what i am looking for right now.
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Default Re: 1972 Triumph 650 frame questions

Something else to consider is skills/ease of build/and cost. If you're looking for a Pre-Unit, expect to lay out some heavy cash and good luck finding one. The Oil-in-frame hardtail conversions require welding and fabrication skills. I'm currently puttin' together a Unit framed '66 with a Bird hardtail. The Unit conversions bolt right-up and take a lot of the guess work out of the build. If you're buying a '72 frame, you need to remember that your engine has to be compatible with that frame. A '72 frame will require some (?!) modifications if you want to run a Pre-Unit motor like in the picture. Try looking at the Triumph Bobber/Builds threads for some inspiration and guidance. Instead of buying just a frame, might I suggest looking for a complete bike? I've been chasing parts for the last three months and it gets a little old. I'm buying another Triumph (running, but ugly as sin) to help me along with my build. And yes, as Sierra Steve mentioned, you WILL get some heat for the red rims! -Murdoc

PBR. As per verifying the year of your potential frame; look for the numbers and letters on it and go to Lowbrow Customs home page for their decoding section. You should also find this information in any late print factory workshop manual; it might even be listed here in the Tech archives. As a Senior member stressed to me...Buy a parts manual and a factory workshop manual! You've come to the right place for your one-stop advice and techincal information. Read the Tech archives and threads before posting. You'll get just as much heat for a repeated question/post/thread, as you would for red rims.
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Default Re: 1972 Triumph 650 frame questions

Given his seemingly apparent lack of knowledge on the subject, I doubt he really gets what you guys are telling him about going pre-unit as in the pic that he posted. I'm sure it was just the over all style that appealed, correct? You are going to be able to get that approximate style with just about any year you go with. Whether it is pre-unit, unit, or unit OIF. Just depends on how much money, skill, time, and patience you got. Like they said, if you wanna go with that '72 frame, it is gonna require welding the hardtail on. Which aint bad if you got the skills to do it or the cash to pay someone to do it right. And if all you are starting with is a frame... you got a long hard road ahead. Might take some of the advice from above and find at least a near complete bike or even better a runner and start modifying it from there till it becomes what you want. Better than chasin down nuts and bolts.
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Default Re: 1972 Triumph 650 frame questions

And I had just begun to be encouraged seeing others advising 1st-post tech-questioners to start at the Intro page....

Where he would hopefully read the "New Members" advisory thread, and then spend some time reading old threads, and trying the search, with terms like "OIF" and "Triumph hardtail".

Before creating another of these "everything there is to know about custom Triumphs" mega-threads....which no pure newb is gonna be able to absorb all of....better to read some search some, then come back with specific questions.

(anybody ever notice how often they never even come back to these ?)


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