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Default Re: Would your ride this?

Originally Posted by Automotive Stud View Post
I think if he wants it he should show up at the guys door with 5k in cash and a trailer in tow. I betcha his tune will change then.
oh and make sure to slap him in the face with the five G's, it always works cause we all know that money talks. Or your friend could build one himself.
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Default Re: Would your ride this?

Originally Posted by 1shot View Post
I would say I would ride it.
But not for 6500.
I would pass on that for that much.
Tell'em you'll givem 1500 for it that's more like it.

What difference does it make if its an iron head or not??
Elighten me.

Are you serious? (shaking my head).
Anyways, Have we determined that its a Denver? At any rate I think its a cool Chop. Totally worth 6g's in my opinion. Just for a second forget its an IH. Its a cool bike no matter what motor's in it.
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