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Default Help ID these pan parts please

I thought I'd add this to this area as well as the swap meet.

I thought these were 65 parts, but was told they may not be. Can you help ID these parts? Frame, front end, tins, oil bag. I want to sell them, so I should probably be sure what year they are. I can get more pics if needed.

Thank you so much.


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Default Re: Help ID these pan parts please

On the right side of the top motormount at about mid tube there is a date code stamped into the mount. That will tell you the year and month of the frame.
To be a '65 model frame the code should be H4 to G5. Anything later than G for July would be a Shovelhead.
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Default Re: Help ID these pan parts please

You need casting hallmark photos to date the frame a little better, methinks.

Tank emblems appear correct for '65. Frame is wearing what could be the right swingarm, so that's a plus.
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Default Re: Help ID these pan parts please

The frame and fork will both have an anti-theft number. Each will start with a letter, followed by 4 numbers. Something like C5516 for example.

See post #4 in this thread:

Eric (SBT) explain the example for a '65 in that post, so that might be helpful.
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Default Re: Help ID these pan parts please

The frame top engine mount looks the type that may have been introduced during the 1969 calendar year but it should still have a date code on the R-H side as mentioned by Mike.

Check the lower left rear forging for a number. It may be 47654 65 and if so then itís the type introduced about late-1970 (model year) and it remained in use thru early-73 models. (I donít know why the suffix is 65 as opposed to 70 but thatís what happened.)

Is there a VIN on a boss on the R-H side of the steering head? If no boss, look for a VIN stamped further forward. If you find a VIN can you post a photo of it please. (Cover a few sequence characters if you wish.) If no VIN, is there any sign that it was removed? Photo?

Swingarm appears to be 1963 or later, judging by the reinforcement ribs outside the left axle clip. There may be forging ID outside the left clip, inside the left clip and outside the R-H clip. Let us know what you find. Photos would help.

Lower triple clamp is 1969 or later if its padlock plate is original and there may be an additional original component identifying number stamped on top of said plate.

Left fork slider appears to be 1968 or earlier due to the placement of the hole for the brake pivot stud. And therefore the R-H fork slider may also be 1968 or earlier?

If the oil tank is H-D then itís 1970 or later because it has a side-fill dipstick.
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Default Re: Help ID these pan parts please

Gas tanks (left one anyway) is later than '65. Those had the fuel shutoff/reserve on top in front of the gas cap. '66 (I think) had a 3/8" pipe female petcock bung at the bottom front of the tank, and later ones had 3/8 pipe one on the left side about between where the cylinders would be through '74, and a 22 mm male petcock bung after that. Tank emblem mount is correct for all those years.
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