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Default axles in front forks

Trying to piece my Triumph build together and have a question. I originally bought a 72 front end that was set up for a triumph disc setup. I recently bought a basket case that came with a front wheel with a drum, but the axle O.D. is much smaller than the 72. This new front wheel has much smaller bearings on both the O.D. and I.D. so I don't think I can swap bearings and run the other axle. Is there a way of making the smaller axle work in the 72 front end? I was almost thinking of making a bushing with the O.D. matching what the fork takes, and the I.D. of the axle and then cutting it in half so when the bottom fork caps were tightened it would capture the axle and still tighten up on everything. Let me know if there is another way to go about this. Any info would be helpful. I'm trying to stay on the cheap so I don't really want to buy different forks unless it's my only option.
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Default Re: axles in front forks

I'm pretty sure the disc brake axle is also longer, tubes are 7 1/2" o.c. Discs came in '73, '72 was conical hub.
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Default Re: axles in front forks

I would think you could turn a steel bushing, then weld and pin it to the old axle, then again if it comes apart easy you might just make a new axle with the right diameters.
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