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Default Mikuni VM38 Support

Does anyone have a good solution for supporting a VM38 on a big twin? I was thinking of modifying an older support that I have to sit under the fuel bowl drain bolt.

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Default Re: Mikuni VM38 Support

They are a very Light Carb & I know it's not recommended, but I ran one for 5 years with no support and had No Problems with air leaks or anything,, I think it was partially supported by the fuel line,.... as I said, not ideal but it worked fine.
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Default Re: Mikuni VM38 Support

Could you drill through the bottom bowl drain and tap a 1/4" stud in.You could go to the center case stud.
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Default Re: Mikuni VM38 Support

I ran a bracket bolted the center case stud to a bolt in a hole drilled into the back of the air cleaner. I also ran one unsupported on my '68 XLCH. Did have to carry a screwdriver to reinstall it if the engine backfired and popped it out of the manifold too.
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Tim The Grim
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Default Re: Mikuni VM38 Support

Silver solder a 1/4-28 nut to the bottom face of the float bowl drain plug.
Clean out the threads with a bottoming tap. Cut off a 1/4-28 screw and dress the end. Thread in the stud with permanent thread locker and fab up a bracket to the center case through stud.
I used two thick washers brazed to a 5/16 rod.
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