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Default Mobile Version??

Not sure where to post this... so if it needs moved... do your thing.

Has any consideration been given to doing a mobile-freindly version of the site? Or is one already available? I was a lab rat for the first mobile version of another bike forum site and it REALLY was nice to have a better interface for the cell phone.

((background: I have a work-provided smart phone that I do all my browsing on when not actually at work [on lunch break of course]. I do NOT have a computer or laptop at home. So my little Driod gets a good workout on the weekends checking the JJ.))

It's difficult to post and comment and PM via smartphone and darn near impossible to do anything with pics. If a mobile version with a trimmed down interface was available, that would be SWEET. No need for all the smileys or font doo-dads. Just correct screen size ratios, posting, commenting, PM'ing, and most of all, pic uploading / linking.


I'd be happy to help in whatever way possible. I'm sure I'm not alone on this one...
I believe Genesis 1:1a.
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Default Re: Mobile Version??

I would think that if bought this forum they would include in there mobile version?
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Default Re: Mobile Version??

+ 2 it will make pics easier too.
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Default Re: Mobile Version??

+3 that would help lots..
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