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Default Slabside shovel VIN help

Hey there everyone - im hoping this post is in the correct spot..

I've got a few cone shovels but I've always wanted a slabside and have come across a titled 66 genny shovel locally here in Canada (they ain't too common up here).

This forum is known across the web as having experts on VIN number stamps, and before I lay down the cash I want to make sure it looks legit and not a forged / fake / bad restamp.

Picture coming up shortly. Thanks in advance!!!!
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Default Re: Slabside shovel VIN help

Hey man!

There's a gent who frequents here Speeding_big_twin, what he doesn't know about casting and numbers you'd be hard done to find! I'm sure he will assist!
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Default Re: Slabside shovel VIN help

Yes, Eric is a wealth of knowledge.

Post a picture of the vin, and if possible, belly numbers for each case half. Also, there should be a stamping on each case half, near to where the rear motor mount holes.

For starters, a '66 VIN has to follow the odd/even rule.

In addition to posting here, check out Chris Hayne's site, he has numerous examples of vins:

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