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Default Re: 5 year project done.

It does retain some of the imprint but will usually work for a second or third piece before I have to move to another area on the UHMW.

Because of the flanges already being formed, I ended up using a piece of multi-lam plywood for my tank ends but the edges aren't as crisp as with UHMW. But since all the panels on the tank were done with the plywood, there are no sharp and less defined sides to compare one to another.
Both the tank and the electrical box were done with 40 tons on the gauge, only difference was plywood vs UHMW.

A top and bottom die is the way to go if you're doing a large run of something but for one or two offs, this is the best method I've found... and a lot cheaper than a $3,500 die set.

Embossing adds strength to any flat surface and even better, gives a finished, "factory-made" look to the part.

The little diamond-shaped reinforcing stamps on my electrical box flange are my handiwork too and sure make any bent angle stronger.

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Default Re: 5 year project done.

Fascinatin'. Thank you for the show-&-tell, for conceiving the sneaky small-production-run technique, and for introducing me to coining, a word and concept I'd never heard of; plus secondhand thanks for the many wildly interesting websites that share the associated tech (and much more) with the casual ignoramus. This is great stuff.

I mean, thanks just for being *you,* man. And please thank your mom and shop teacher too.

Also, finally: Does the apparatus on the fuel tank, the one that looks like a manual oiler, serve any important function other than to baffle the natives? At least it should operate a concealed bulb horn or bicycle bell, or maybe a nerve-shattering air horn.
"Bite the parts like a monkey." --Dutch Dennoz
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Default Re: 5 year project done.

Aww c'mon Ratso, yer makin' me blush.
What's the purpose of learning new things if you can't share them with fellow builders?

The neat thing about most fabricating practices / tricks is that they lend themselves to other applications, not just the job you're currently on.
I made my own clutch and front brake levers from flat sheet stock after figuring out what the forming dies and punches needed to do. Levers done and now I also know how parts are formed in a press brake.
Don't forget to factor in 'tightwad'. I made most of my own screws, nuts and bolts 'cause I couldn't bring myself to spend ten bucks for one reproduction, made in china bolt out of who knows what alloy.

Mine are made of domestic (US) steel and have the correct head shape and dimensions as the originals.

The oil pump was on the originals so you could give the main bearings an extra shot of oil every so often. I put one on mine just for looks... and as a native-baffler.

The mag kill switch on the handle bars was to control speed on an early racer with a throttle wired wide open. Mine is actually my horn button.
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Default Re: 5 year project done.

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