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Default Minneapolis Messaround

Who plans on going to the Minneapolis Messaround this weekend? It's a great show with tons of kick ass traditional style hotrods, bikes, and music. Best show in Minnesota, in my opinion.
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Default Re: Minneapolis Messaround

Always the same time as Davenport. One could drive back late Sat and go Sun but that would be a looooong weekend. One of these years I will do it, never been but it looks awesome and last year I got a flyer on my bike at the bearded lady.
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Default Re: Minneapolis Messaround

We be at the reacharound, The Bastards put on a great show, I have'nt missed one yet.
But, we will take my wife's car this year, a copper Metro.
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Default Re: Minneapolis Messaround

Anyone that's anybody involved in bikes goes to Davenport that weekend.
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pat lehmann
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Default Re: Minneapolis Messaround

i'm going to the messaround. didnt make it to davenport.
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Default Re: Minneapolis Messaround

Not everybody this year unfortunately I had to stay home to finish the Drag Specialties cover bike build that they need to get so the final photo shoot can be done and go to print. See you at the Messaround Pat.

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