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Default Re: Powder coating VS Painting a frame

Originally Posted by Skibo View Post
If you're trying to remove powder from an entire part or frame, just take it back to the powder shop. They have the oven required to cook the finish off (just hotter than baking it on). A lot less work than trying to sand/scuff/ chisel (!!!) it off.
Best way to remove powder from a frame is like mentioned above

This is the way I decide what finish I want to go with.

If the bike is a complete full build that is show quality type finish with the paint etc I usually go with powdercoating the frame,
You can have gloss black powdercoated that is just as glossy or more glossy than black paint.

If im doing a build that is a little less of a spit and polish type of build I will go with paint simply because it shows road wear much faster and blends in with the rest of the bike quicker.
(this is like when I do bikes with original paint tins or old paint tins etc.

me personally I like the powdercoating better as it holds up much better than paint does in regards to chips nicks and scratches
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