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Towards the end of last winter I built a tire hammer (power hammer uses a spare tire with an electric motor pivoting against the spare as the drive clutch mechanism; dupont linkage and a crank pin to raise and lower the "hammer")

view as it was being built but shows mechanism better than other photos I have.

almost finished and standing upright

I built and use the power hammer for hot forging. Mine looks a bit rough as I used a stack of "short drops" for the anvil base and never painted or dolled it up. Oh yeh, before building the hammer also built the gas forge its in the upper right corner of first picture (when hammer was lying on its side and again in the second photo sitting on that yellow cart that i weld on).

Its just a scrap cannister linned with ceramic wool refractory fiber. Cannister I found at the scrap yard, cut opening in both ends and mounted a pipe fitting burner mechanism. Use a $5 flea market actelyene welding regulator (these threads also fit propane).

Got the inspiration to build these off the web seaches for propane forge and tire hammer on blacksmithing sites. I did n't have any justifiable need for a power hammer but realized I already had the material so decided to put it to use. The way it moves hot metal its impressive...[hope my garage floor survives].

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