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Default Re: Flattrack tank paint jobs

Don Castro's bikes, by far were the best looking bikes out there and probably one of the ones that used the metalflake to it's fullest. Don was sponsored by Tracy of the Fiberglas Works. The people that made all those crazy body kits for just about everything that rolled back in the 70's. Below is one of the wildest falt track bikes of all times. It's Don's Triumph with the Fiberglas Works body on it that the AMA banned from competition. I restored it over the past few years. I had 7 days in applying all that freaky flake to the body.

Like some one said above. Use your imagination. Make it what you want. As for color pix of flat track bikes with flake paint jobs. They are far and few between. Everyone used B&W back then. I still can't come up with a color photo of this bike.

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