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Default Re: Ball hone grit for Triumph?


Hold up a minute before you hit the buy it now button on the 4" hone!!

BRM sizes it's ball hones by cylinder diameter. They do the figuring for you, so if you are honing a Harley cylinder with an approximate 3.5" bore you buy a 3.5" ball hone. Their hones are already over-sized so you'll have the proper tension on the individual spring wires and correct pressure of the abrasive balls against the cylinder walls.

If you are working on a 650cc and honing those .060" over cylinders that you are talking about, they are probably bored to somewhere around 2.85" or so, no? If so, you need a 3" hone, not a 4". I'm not sure that you could even crowd a 4" ball hone into a 650 Triumph cylinder.

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