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Many of you guys (and my friends) call me Pangor. I restore and ride and sometimes race vintage motorcycles just like many of you.

I started a company called Pangor Products. < (That's a link you can click.) We're very small. Everything we produce is made right here in the United States. Most stuff is geared to antique Harley-Davidsons, chopper and stocker alike. Here's a few things we sell that you might be interested in.

Manifold Pressure Testers

Here's an inexpensive way to test manifolds. It works better than brake cleaner sprayed around the intake or any of the other methods that I've used to find leaks. Early Harley intake design is a bit leak-prone, and diagnosing them can be a real pain. This tester will help you find an intake leak if you've got one. It's made to be as easy to use as possible. Just dial your air pressure way down on your compressor, hook up your tire inflator, and send a whisper of air through the intake. Seals with standard manifold gaskets. (You're gonna need one anyway to do the test, right? Order two!) These are laser-cut stainless and work for lots of years of Big Twin and quite a few Sporties.

Springer Top Nuts

I think those decorative springer balls are neat! But they are expensive. All the aftermarket chopper springers usually used car lug nuts. I offer decorative top nuts for your springer. They're real crusty with verdigris (the green stuff!) all over them. They're made from old US military surplus bits. They'll polish up as nicely as you like... but I suspect most of you prefer stuff a little antique-y looking, so just bolt 'em on and go.

Luggage Rack

These fit hydraulic front ends. They're good for choppers and bikes with no nacelle/speedo/other stuff in the way. Tuck it under your risers and take a trip. Installs fast enough you can take it off if you don't like it. Mine stays on to carry tools and a fuel bottle all the time.

Idle Adjusters for S&S carbs

Skip the screwdriver. Use your fingers.

Please feel free to visit our dealers and pick something up. We appreciate the business as much as we appreciate seeing our products bolted up to cool old motorcycles.
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