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Originally Posted by rhysmort View Post
there's no E or L

That sounds better. And if itís 41-2469 then Iíd expect the characters to be the same types as in the two 41 examples I posted above.

Re your left case, I wonder if it too originally had 41-2469 and the only character now legible is 2? But even if that is true, Iím still wondering why that type of case has such a low 41 SN. Maybe the cases were replacements with full and matching BNs from the factory and the SN was applied later?

Or perhaps 2 is the only character ever stamped under the left case? Sometimes replacements had only one, two or three characters. If they were paired then each half received the same characters but on occasion only a single replacement was issued so maybe that is what your left case is?
Anyway, a photo of the SN may give us more of an idea why such a low 41 SN is on that style of case.
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