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Default Re: Home made workshop tools

drill and tap a 6mm hole in a 90mm M20 nut 40mm from one end

match these peices and put them together like this,32X32,treaded bar and M20 nut and slide it in to the 40X40mm

make sure to cut a groove in the end of the treaded 20mm bar or else you cant dismantle the unit later on

put the pieces togehter and line them up like this and tack weld the 20mm nut make sure you can turn it and it don't bind,

remove the treaded bar and weld the nut firmly and grind your welds down (if wanted),i again used the lathe to make this tidy finish to the bit,and here it's assembled again with treded bar and handle,

now it's time to make a simple jig fo make sure the upper and lower dies align,and for this i cut a bit of the 40X40 tube to 250mm,drill a 12mm hole 170mm from one end and cut an acces hole on the opposite side to gain acces to the hole from inside,

put the adjusting bit inside the jig,

cut a piece of 50X10mm flat bar to 100mm and drill and tap a 12mm hole 20mm from the edge

bolt it to the jig with the grease nipple holes in the adjuster facing you and align it to the frame base

if your happy with the alignment weld the adjuster and the 50X10 piece to the frame and grind down your welds (if needed)

now it's time to machine the bits that holds the bearings,one bit 25mmX35mm (widhtXdia) with 2 grooves 3mm from the edge for the locking rings,drill and tap a 6mm hole trouh it

and one bit 35mmX50mm (widthXdia) with a 12mm hole,NO grooves for locking rings yet!!

cut 2 pieces of 40X5mm 55mm long and drill and countersink a 6mm hole 15mm from one end in booth,
mount the lower bearing to the first bit machined and use 2 M6 by 16mm countersunk hexbolt to secure the unit to the 40X5 flat bar pieces,looking like this

fit the upper bearing to the 50mm bit and bolt it to the frame in the treaded hole using a M12X40 hex bolt
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