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Cool Re: 78 triumph leaking oil left side

Reading this thread made me clearly understand why when I was a younger dude, the older Triumph gurus faces would contort and they would look at you with a WTF are you talking about look and give you the same kind of WTF are you doing and saying responses.

I then thought to myself that I have been living and breathing Triumph motorcycles for going on 30 years now and have learned so much that I have to realize that not everybody knows what I know and I don't even consider myself to know that much.

But, here is a guy in 2013 who has been around Triumphs and doesn't know that a 1978 model Triumph shares oil in the primary with the rest of the engine??? And it then became clear, going back in time, and reliving those moments with the guys that came up with Triumphs back in the '60's to the time I started as a teenager in the late '80's with Triumphs and the things I said then, that caused the looks of WTF are you saying and talking about and replies with absolute disdain and irritation in their voices !

Because, I found myself feeling that exact same way. But, then I got a hold of myself, took a swig of brew and thought...relax's just the cycle repeating itself and just because you know this much, doesn't mean the other guy does. We all have different levels of experience and degrees to how much we have learned about these particular motorcycles. And that's what these forums are for, to share that knowledge and ask those questions....something we didn't have back in '86 !!

Anyway, maybe you will think I am a jack ass or maybe you will get a laugh out of it and know WTF I am talking about but thought I would share the moment with my fellow JJ'rs...because what else better do we have to do sometimes...especially at 11:00 at night in a snow filled landscape and having a few cold ones

And now you do what they told ya"
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