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Default Cleaning tank sealer

Hey guys. Due to some health problems I've been off the road for awhile. My bike (2003 FXST)has been sitting over a year with gas in the tank so the inevitable rust appeared. Went through the carb and pulled the tank to inspect the rust problem. Filled the tank with apple cider vinegar and a hand full of nuts & bolts and let it sit for about 10 days, shaking the tank a couple times a day to loosen things up. Every few days I'd empty the tank, inspect the tank then filter the vinegar before filling the tank up again. By the color of the vinegar it looked like it was working good. Today I emptied the tank, filled it with 1/2 gallon of gas and gave it another shake to clean things up. Looks like it did its job removing the rust but it also took a lot of the sealer off. What I can see is some of it is still there and some of it is coming off in big chunks. It's an aftermarket tank with a custom paint job so I would like to keep it if I can. Would muriatic acid do a better/faster job or should I stick with the vinegar? Knowing that I got it all removed would be kind of a crap shoot. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Dan
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