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Default Re: Killswitch for Mag users- kill to prime? Theft?

Originally Posted by magnum45pete View Post
there are Keyed ignition switches that have a Magneto terminal so when ignition is off it grounds the Mag but the rest of it works in the same way a stock ignition works, ask Dave Shaw at Morris Magnetos, I think he might stock them.... 973-540-9171
but be Damn sure you do NOT fuck up and connect to a live feed as that will fuck ya new Magneto.... or look up ''magneto ignition switch'' on ebay, there's a page of them there
Hahaha yeah thatís what I meant when I said grounded ignition switch- I know you can buy them where the key off setting is a ground for a mag kill.

I saw someone wiring a mag for +12v once on the forums- nobody is born knowing everything but ouch really?!

Dave is awesome I talked to him a couple times before deciding on the G5.

He was saying the oldschool Ďhackí is just stick something metal (beer can pop tab) between the killswitch and the mag body for priming or to befuddle an idiot that tries kicking your bike.

I always wanted a magneto and this is a super simple stripped down chopper so less is more. Dave stuck a feeler gauge type ground button in my package from Morris which is super cool so I think Iíll just go that way and see how I like it. Simple.

Last night I pulled my timer and coil and tucked away the hot and breaker wires for the points just in case I ever wanna go back. Kinda canít wait to get home from work to toss in the mag, even though itís crappy outside.
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