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Originally Posted by JAWS View Post
How close it the fender to the tire? The center looks like it has enough for growth, the sides where it tapers looks like it could shave.

You'll find the rear controls will be more positioned down pedal wise. Rather than flat like the mids or up like forwards. Prolly not set up yet though, right?
Howdy Jaws! Yes, there's enough clearance, at least with this fucked up, old, petrified and deformed tire, that has almost no centered part (it was on a bike for about 20 years, so the part that remained on the floor for 20 years makes a funny S and then it goes straight again, i don't know how to explain this. the sides are tight, i think ill have to shave a little off the fender or open it up a little and make it a little wider.
Funny thing about this tire it took me about an hour to put in on the rim haha the tube was impossible to fit, and i punctured the tube when fucking hammering that fucker to make it go in the rim, but without air still holding the bike weight and mine no more flats (?)
And yes, you are right about the rear sets, but that was the only way i could put a vise grip(is not a vise grip is like an U with a screw to adjust things together, don't know the name in english, tried to google it but had no luck this time) to stick it to the bike and take the photo, but.. now i realize that pedal not gonna work, i think ill just have to make a "rod" also more easy to set up in any position the lever goes! So... Thanks again man!

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