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Default Re: Running a Morris Mag on a T110 Triumph?

Originally Posted by richbob View Post
I have just fitted a K2FC on a pre unit which came to me rebuilt i looked at all the options because i needed to buy an ATD unit for it 200 so my thinking was
sell mag and go electronic (i like electronic)and have quite a lot of cash left over. I run a morris on another bike its fine. After speaking with a lot of "experts" i used the Lucas with a fixed gear at 38 started first kick.
its all that Prince of darkness stuff you need to forget. if expertly rebuilt should be good, you can see set up on my 49 build thread.
Thanks for the advice! This helps make up my mind.
One thing I forgot to mention is my current K2F does NOT have an auto advance on it. Is that a deciding factor on getting a new modern mag that has one?
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