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Default Re: Amal 932 and Triumph TR6

Main jet may be too small. The manual calls for a 230 for the 650 TR6. You might start with a 240 or 250. You might also try raising the needle one notch. Carb should be an Amal 930.

Either way, all troubleshooting starts with a proper tune-up: Valve adjustment, ignition timing (using degree wheel and strobe—if you're not strobing it you're just guessing), carb settings (including float level, jets as per the manual, etc.). How do the plugs look? Is there oil inside the exhaust pipes? The list goes on....

When I put a Morgo kit on mine I just looked up the jetting for the 750 and jetted accordingly. Never touched the carbs since.

If all the basic stuff is okay, you might want to check your cam timing.
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