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Default BSA Wont Start - No Power after backfire

Hi All,

Hears the situation - I just tore down a 1970 bsa lightning engine and totally rebuilt it. I got it back together and it fired right up. Pulled hard and everything felt good. The next day I took it down the street and it backfired and then I had no power. The headlight wouldn't even come on. I got it back home and pulled the fuse that comes off the negative on the battery and it was bad so I replaced it. Still no power.

I also smelled burning electrical right after it happened. I think something must have shorted out that caused it to backfire. I'm thinking that my wires coming off the stator may have been flipped as they are identical and I didn't know which way to re-connect them. It ran good so I figured they were all right (In hidsight this doesn't make any sense.)

Now when I have the trickle charger on the bike the volt meter on the headlight buries itself to the left (negative) and the trickle charger itself makes a buzzing sound (not comforting).

I'm also thinking that it could have something to do with the rectifier as it is the originaly unit.

Any insight/direction would be greatly appreciated.


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