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Default Re: Pinstriping one shot question??

Originally Posted by Slabside Mike View Post
The "period correct" method is no clear over pinstripes. I just had to say it! LOL

By the way, your work looks good.
If this was 10 years ago I would say don't clear it, but the new 1-Shot red is just shit! it will turn flat on you in about 6 weeks. I have my stripes cleared with HOK clears all the time (1-Shot lines let sit 24 hours) The key as others have said here are dry coats (Real dry!!) untill you get a build up over the lines then some medium coats. If you are using an enamal clear you should be OK, but still build up slowly. Since you didn't thin the 1-shot (which helps it cure) I wouldent clear it for a week, or you can blast it with a heat lamp or the best is to set it in the sun for a couple days.

Good Luck!

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