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Default Re: Removing Chrome... Secrets Revealed Pics and Video

Quote: But as of yet no soulution except having it chemically stripped, which is just as expensive as having it plated.....

Expensive having chrome stripped....and they charge you for that? You need to talk to them about that - and build up some sort of rapport with them - it'll save you a lot of time if you need to strip chrome often!

We can go to our chromers here, hand them the stuff then stand around telling jokes for 10 - 15 mins while they electrically dip (reverse current) and strip it while we watch & wait - and it's always free....they know we'll be back to have chrome done soon enough and wouldn't think of charging for such a quick & simple procedure.

Of course I always comment to them as I'm leaving, that there's no charge for the chrome they just gained off my old parts....ha.... and I throw them a few cases of beer at xmas.
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