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Originally Posted by beatcad View Post
yes the shov is pretty cool. the seat needs some attention, but i think you've allready cot that covered.

i hate to be that guy(no i dont), but bobcherry are you serious???
yer diggin' that late 70's caddy???? dont get me wrong i love and have owned a few caddies(see my JJ handle), but that aint the coolest car in the backround.
the coolest car ever(in my pea-brain) is that '65 buick rivi. and if ya look a little harder there's the '49 to '51 merc. it's hard to tell w/o the grille.

i know a little car talk is OK here now and than. i promice i wont let it get outta hand(fingers crossed).
Call me a goof ball but I like the '72 Suburban. Don't see many of those around!

Also, the chop looks cool, Le Mars ain't to far from me up here in Sioux Falls
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